Winter schedule:
Visitors Center: Free admission January 2 through February 1, 2015, featuring LIMarts: Here & Now, the inaugural exhibition by members of LIMarts: collaborative arts group. Includes 81 works created by artists living and working on Long Island.

The Visitors Center will be closed February 2 through 26, 2015 for installations. Art Museum: Closed December 29 through February 26, 2015 for installations. Carriage Museum: Closed December 29 through February 26, 2015

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The Long Island Museum President’s Council Members

(As of 5/10/11)

Mr. & Mrs. John Ammerman
Mr. & Mrs. Frederic L. Atwood
Dr. & Mrs. Paul N. Baer
Ms. Helene Bredes
Dr. Jerry M. Brown & Ms. Lois Peltz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Coster
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Costigan
Dr.  & Mrs. Frederick F. Courtney, Jr
Mrs. Sharon Cowles
Drs. Julia & Robert de Zafra
Mrs. Leah Dunaief
Mr. Michael Emerson & Hon. Elizabeth Emerson
Mrs. Jane F. Faigle
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ferentinos
Mr. & Mrs. William Forman
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron W. Godfrey
Mrs. Barbara H. Gottfried
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Kaplan
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Kim
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Lane
Drs. Marsha & Henry Laufer
Drs. Cristina & Gary Leske
Ms. Filomena Lombardi & Mr. Scott Borland
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lubinsky     
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Mercer
Dr. & Mrs. Ather Mirza
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Parks
Ms. Ann Schwing
The Rev. Canon Paul F. Wancura



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