Embracing the goal to enhance and support the rich artistic talent on Long Island, LIM has created a special membership opportunity for visual artists, LIMarts: a collaborative arts group.  Designed for artists dedicated to creating a new forum within our cultural community, LIMarts offers space for the exhibition and sale of artwork, varied programming events, lectures and opportunities for social gathering with other artists and the public.  For information about becoming an LIMarts members, e-mail Alexandria D’Auria.

Artist of the Month:  Marsha Solomon

Every artist finds her unique voice, but echoes of others enrich our songs.  As an Abstract Expressionist painter, I’ve been inspired by my “elder sisters” in art, such as Helen Frankenthaler and Lee Krasner – also Long Island artists – who have been stepping stones towards my own artistic vision.

My series of abstract paintings “From Rhythm to Form” and more recently “Of Pure and Endless Light” work with the interplay of jewel-like colors, the variation of opacity—from soft washes to thick strokes of impasto—and positive and negative spaces to create a dynamic image, born from nature, emotion and creative force. Line, color and form unite on my canvasses to create an atmospheric, mystical space, which I work to infuse with energy balanced by serenity.

Art makes the ordinary special and enables one to see beauty in the world in all its manifestations.

In my poem “The Blue of the Sky Never Ceases” written in response to Hurricane Sandy, I try to capture that.  It has been published many times and translated into Italian and Korean.

The Blue of The Sky Never Ceases

See beauty in the chaos

The broken limbs of trees

And salt burnt branches

Of once thriving trees

The sun still warms in mid-December

And geese fly past in neat formations

And the blue of the sky never ceases.