Artists’ Opportunity

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Announcing the 4th annual LIMarts Members Exhibition.  Are you in? Or are you out?  Winter always comes around and temps will plummet.  The question is, are you inside where it’s cozy or are you outside with the elements?  Create that world.  With more than 100 LIMarts members, there can be over 100 ways to say, “Baby, it’s cold outside!”

Exhibition open to LIMarts members only.

For questions or information on how to become a member, contact Alexandria D’Auria at (631) 751-0066 x285 or

Embracing the goal to enhance and support the rich artistic talent on Long Island, LIM has created a special membership opportunity for visual artists, LIMarts: a collaborative arts group.  Designed for artists dedicated to creating a new forum within our cultural community, LIMarts offers space for the exhibition and sale of artwork, varied programming events, lectures and opportunities for social gathering with other artists and the public.  For information about becoming an LIMarts members, e-mail Alexandria D’Auria.

Artist of the Month:  Al Candia

I love the entire process of painting with oils. When I lift a brush heavy with paint, I hope that each canvas achieves a painterly realism.  I’m not interested in creating a photographic image of a particular scene or object.  I try to create a painting that has a force and feeling that resonates beyond itself.  Often I continue to work on a painting like a child who winds up a toy as tight as he can so it releases the most “reaction” as possible.

I am very much drawn to contrasts. Often my paintings reflect a mix of the mundane with the extraordinary, the abstract and the concrete, neutral colors alongside vibrant hues, the lambent play of light and shadow.  I focus on subjects that might be easily overlooked yet have a power all their own: a farm fence in an open field, ancient beach chairs frozen in the snow, a rotting jetty marching down into the blue ocean, cut hydrangea tossed into a rusty bucket.  I attempt to give my paintings a personal perspective and to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  It is also hoped that my paintings create a richer sense of the relationship between ourselves and the splendid world we are moving through much too quickly.

~ Al Candia