Embracing the goal to enhance and support the rich artistic talent on Long Island, LIM has created a special membership opportunity for visual artists, LIMarts: a collaborative arts group.  Designed for artists dedicated to creating a new forum within our cultural community, LIMarts offers space for the exhibition and sale of artwork, varied programming events, lectures and opportunities for social gathering with other artists and the public.  For information about becoming an LIMarts members, e-mail Alexandria D’Auria.

Artist of the month: ADEL GORGY

Photography has been part of me all my life.  It is my way to sharpen observation, provoke thought, evoke emotion and heighten awareness. Amidst the order and chaos in our world, my eyes see always beauty, and my work is a window to my world.

 Realism describes nature, Impressionism colors it, Expressionism interprets it, and Abstraction reduces it.  In these images, these boundaries are blurred, imaginary or non-existent.  Images are pre-visualized and recomposed, colors are interpretive, impressionistic or expressive, rather than representational, and the image retains little or all of its original self. The new composition transcends traditional pictorial photographic conventions, giving the viewer alternate ways of seeing. In the end, the medium, the technique and the style fall behind or disappear, and only the image remains.”

Merging the conceptual and visual into vibrant, stunning images, Adel Gorgy’s work redefines the possibilities of photography. His artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally in museums and galleries in New York, London, Seoul, Tokyo, France and Italy, including nine solo exhibitions. Gorgy’s work has been published by the New York Times and written about in The Village Voice, Chelsea News, The Daily Record, Long Island Pulse and other prominent publications.

See Adel’s artwork on display in the History Museum through the month of March.

Our Vision

  • Celebrate the arts as a key component to the vitality, diversity and cultural richness of Long Island
  • Maximize the Long Island Museum’ continuing role in telling the history of Long Island’s artisans – past, present and future.
  • Include representation from a broad spectrum of visual artists and artisans
  • Provide a forum for the local and regional arts community to gather and exchange ideas
  • Advocate, promote and exhibit visual arts from the Long Island/metropolitan area
  • Strengthen relationships between the LIM community and Long Island artists
  • Develop ways to connect artists and the public through innovative education programs, events and exhibitions

Benefits of Membership

  • Free unlimited general museum membership for one year
  • Special invitations to exclusive events and receptions
  • Exclusive entrance into annual exhibition for members of LIMarts
  • Workshops and educational programs*
  • Networking opportunities
  • Two one-time guest free admission passes
  • 10% discount on Long Island Museum merchandise
  • Personalized membership card

Membership Fee: $75

Become a member of this vibrant new collaborative arts group today. For more information and benefits of a LIMarts membership call (631) 751-0066 X285 or email Alexandria D’Auria.

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