The Long Island Museum is honored to present Artistic Visions, a continuation of the Slide Slam Series collaboration with the Islip Art Museum and RIPE Art Gallery. The goal of the collaboration was to bring together the geographically diverse arts communities on Long Island through interactive events and exhibitions, giving artists the opportunity to present their work and connect to new audiences. Each program has led to an exhibition of those artists.

Artistic Visions features 16 of the artists who presented their work in the Slide Slam 3 event at the LIM in November 2016:

Chris Ann Ambery ~ Anu Annam ~ Robyn Bellospirito ~ JoAnne Dumas ~ Cara Enteles ~ Adel Gorgy ~ Adam Inzalaco ~ Lorena Kalaja ~ Dan Lachacz ~ Bruce Lieberman ~ Linda Louis ~ Jeffrey Allen Price ~ Dave Rogers ~ Joseph Rotella ~ Thomas Ruggio ~ Mark Strodl