Cowles Gallery – History Museum


The Long Island Museum recently published A Checklist of Long Island Artists of the Nineteenth to the Mid-Twentieth Centuries, a unique fully-illustrated reference resource that includes listings for more than 1,000 artists who lived and/or worked on Long Island during the time frame covered by the volume. The project by Ronald G. Pisano and D. Fredrick Baker in collaboration with The Long Island Museum was some 35 years in the making. In honor of the publication, this exhibition presents a selection of the LIM’s art collection, including works by William Sidney Mount, Charles Henry Miller, Edith Prellwitz, Jane Wilson, and Jane Freilicher.


Art: Irving R. Wiles (1861-1948), The Peconic Art Colony, c. 1912, oil on canvas, Long Island Museum, Gift of Fred Baker from the Baker-Pisano Collection, 2009.