Lumen Martin Winter was an important American public artist for more than 50 years, with major murals and commissions at the United Nations, the AFL-CIO Building in Washington, DC, and the official insignia for NASA’s Apollo Lunar Landing Project. Winter created boldly colorful and energetically expressive projects, exhibiting a wide array of influences.

Now, for the very first time in a museum setting, Winter’s work is being re-appraised some 35 years after his death. The Long Island Museum’s exhibition will include more than 90 works of art, from paintings to sculpture, that shed new light on this prolific but not fully appreciated artist.  The exhibition springs from a major donation of the artist’s work received by the museum in 2015 and will be accompanied by a catalog.  Covering Winter’s entire career, the exhibition attempts to bring renewed light and appreciation on the artist’s extensive projects and life.