LIM Rides for Kids is a specially funded program that can provide underserved schools with partially subsidized transportation costs and reduced program fees. This fund was established to help offset the often high costs of field trips. Since its inception in 2013, LIM Rides for Kids has benefitted nearly 7,500 Long Island students by offering valuable educational opportunities for children who may not otherwise be able to attend the museum’s education programs.

For many students, LIM Rides for Kids offers their very first visit to a museum. Educator guided programs are especially beneficial for students who do not thrive in traditional school environments. Nothing compares to being able to enter the museum’s art galleries and see the brush strokes an artist’s hand created on canvas. Or having the opportunity to step inside a 19th century building, like the one-room schoolhouse, and participate in reading and writing lessons as children did in years past. These encounters allow students to feel connected and immersed in ways that are hard to recreate solely in the classroom. These field trips ignite our visitors’ senses and hopefully will instill a strong and lifelong passion for art and history. The museum’s education programs support New York State and national learning standards in art, social studies and language arts.  The LIM Rides for Kids initiative will enhance learning and educational enthusiasm of Long Island students, by promoting the arts in education.

Find out if your school is eligible to benefit from this program by calling our Education Department at 631-751-0066 x212 or emailing for more information.

Thank you to our generous supporters