Embracing the goal to enhance and support the rich artistic talent on Long Island, LIM has created a special membership opportunity for visual artists, LIMarts: a collaborative arts group.  Designed for artists dedicated to creating a new forum within our cultural community, LIMarts offers space for the exhibition and sale of artwork, varied programming events, lectures and opportunities for social gathering with other artists and the public.  For information about becoming an LIMarts members, e-mail Alexandria D’Auria.

Artist of the Month:  Fred Badalamenti

The artist enjoyed a meteoric rise as a popular art teacher and administrator at Brooklyn College.

He was teaching high school art at Deer Park in 1965 when he submitted a few paintings for entry into the MFA degree program at Brooklyn College. Not only did the senior art faculty members approve his application to its painting program, they also surprised him with notice of his selection for a graduate fellowship.

Thus he began his college teaching career, rising in 1972 to become the department’s Deputy Chairman for the supervision of Brooklyn’s MFA and other professional degrees in art. His title as Deputy Chairman continued without interruption until reaching early retirement in 1992.  The success of his teaching and degree programs led to rapid advancements, ultimately becoming a Professor Emeritus of Brooklyn College.

The artist resides permanently in Setauket; it proved convenient to teach occasional courses in the Art Department of Stony Brook University, usually summers. More teaching there followed his retirement from Brooklyn College between 1993 and 1999.

Exhibitions of his work – usually still life and figurative – began in the 1960’s at the First Street Gallery, a cooperative gallery in SoHo for aspiring realist artists. He was among the gallery’s earliest members and served briefly as its Director.  Now he exhibits locally, principally at Gallery North where he serves on its artist’s advisory board.  His paintings are sometimes shown at LIM exhibitions as well.

More private is his lifelong practice of drawing from studio models; this practice continues with regularity, at least weekly now. The vitality of human movement and expression relies upon truthfully observed placements of its anatomical landmarks.  This requires a lifetime of inquiry and practice; the objective seems unreachable, perhaps divine.

See a sampling of Fred’s work on display in the Visitors Center through April 30th, 2018.