Embracing the goal to enhance and support the rich artistic talent on Long Island, LIM has created a special membership opportunity for visual artists, LIMarts: a collaborative arts group.  Designed for artists dedicated to creating a new forum within our cultural community, LIMarts offers space for the exhibition and sale of artwork, varied programming events, lectures and opportunities for social gathering with other artists and the public.  For information about becoming an LIMarts members, e-mail Alexandria D’Auria.

June 2022 Artist of the Month: Joe Miller

Joe shares: 

As a graduate of Pratt Institute, I was trained in advertising design.  I had the opportunity to work with many great illustrators who inspired me to paint for myself. I am self-taught and paint whatever appeals to me; portraits, landscapes, seascapes, animals, etc.  Oil is my preference; I work in acrylic also, sometimes combining both. For example, I start with acrylics in monochromatic tones of raw umber and white, not wanting color to be the primary influence at this early stage. It is more important to get the right values in place. The darkest values being pure umber and the lightest pure white. When the acrylic is dry I switch to oil and begin to add color to my palette.

My artwork is considered realistic with a touch of impressionism. I enjoy the challenge of capturing reality on a two dimensional surface; someone’s face, a landscape or even a scene taken from a photograph. There is nothing more rewarding than to see a painting come alive before me – what a sensation.  I’m still learning and still being thrilled.  How wonderful is that?

To see more of his work go to:  artbyjoe.wixsite.com/mysite