Setalcott Ancestral Land near Aunt Amy’s Creek, Woodfield Road, Stony Brook, less than two miles from the Long Island Museum’s campus. Photography courtesy of Jeremy Dennis.

The Long Island Museum is situated on the ancestral territory of Setalcott, which means “the place of rivers” in Algonquian. This land is part of the larger area that was the territory of the first people of Long Island. 

We embrace the ongoing preservation of this region’s Native American traditions, language, stories and teachings.  We recognize the impact of territorial displacement by early colonial deeds and treaties. 

In offering this statement, we affirm indigenous sovereignty, and state our deep respect for the history and cultural experiences of the first people of Long Island.

This land acknowledgement has been reviewed and approved by the Setalcott Nation. The Museum also expresses gratitude to Helen Sells, Sandi Brewster-walker, and Chief Harry Wallace of the Unkechaug Nation, for their contributions and assistance in the creation of this statement.